Microsoft Windows Update - Antivirus Vendor

Please see message below from Microsoft as seen on their site:

In reference to Windows security updates released January 3, 2018, and antivirus software.
Microsoft customers will not receive the January 2018 security updates (or any subsequent security updates) and will not be protected from security vulnerabilities unless their antivirus software vendor sets the following registry key:

Key=“HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” Subkey=“SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\QualityCompat” Value=“cadca5fe-87d3-4b96-b7fb-a231484277cc” Type="REG_DWORD”

Here’s the link:

Does comodo plan to roll this out soon? It would be quite tasking to administer this to hundreds of system especially those not connected to a domain.

Hi @chales

Please refer this script for Microsoft windows update,…-qualitycompat

Thank you

Please how do i run this script?

Hi @chales

Please ues the attached json file to run the Script ,import the attached json file in ITSM under Procedure and run the Script



20180112-QualityCompat.json (1.67 KB)

Hi @chales ,

On your ITSM go to Config Templates>Import then go to Device list>select the affected device>run procedure.

Please keep in mind that you’ll need to click ‘Ready for Review’ and ‘Approve’ to be able to run it.

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As our friend here helped, we have already provided a solution to our customers. You can also go over this thread how we approached this situation.

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