Migrating a machine to a new account

If under the wrong topic, then my apologies.

After setting up a new account so as to completely separate family & friends and my new business I have used the script from the library to migrate some machines across to the new account.

All worked fine apart from one machine. This machine was on-line when I sent the procedure, but must have gone off-line at that moment or very shortly afterwards. My problem now is that the machine has been automatically removed from the original account ( presumably due to the procedure being run ) and is not showing on the new account. The machine has been off for a few days and has been back on-line briefly but is not showing on either account.

I am a long way from the machine and the client is not very technical and visually impaired ( so screen resolution enlarged ), the machine had been set-up with a couple of icons on the screen for them to use Skype and e-mail, so asking them to start checking the ITSM agent and entering settings or getting them to add / remove programs is not really an option as that is why ITSM is on there.

Is this machine now in a permanent state of limbo and a long trip needed or is there a very easy way to get it connected back to the original account, or even the new one ?

Thanks in advance for any help / ideas.


Hello @bob-sawyer,

We appreciate for letting us aware of your concern. We would like to check if you have tried searching the device name in the ITSM or checking the CRC if the device is included on the list? Thank you

Hi @Samuel_C I have just checked and the device is not listed in either portal on ITSM and does not appear in a search. Also it is not listed in either account in CRC.


There’s a possibility that the process did not fully complete since the first step of the procedure is to unenroll the device (this might have been the case on your end) from your current portal then enrolls the device from the other ITSM portal. It is imperative that the device is online throughout the process.