Migrating to Syncro

Can someone supply me a silent script for migrating away to Syncro please?
My own attempts have been dismal, and I can’t believe I’m the only one doing this.

For the record, I’m not abandoning Xcitium,… just some of it :slight_smile:

I did all my endpoints manually !! took 3 weeks !!!

would love to learn from you guys what features you needed from Syncro that Itarian doesn’t have?
we always want to improve the platform. thank you!

What parts are you looking to leave and why?

Depending on the installer all needed scripts are in the library already, but should be no need to leave.

How about the recent subscription changes…

I can understand businesses changing their business models, however this should apply this to new users. Do not alienate your current user base!

Dear @Dix-It

We cannot continue to run free as I have explained on the forums.

I’m sorry we cannot provide this free for you, but I’m sure you do not provide your services for free either.

I actually do provide my service for free, due to the nature of my client base.

As i did say, those options were not before, for up to 50, after that was fine.

And that the new paid option should be applied to new clients, not current.

Its sad that i have to move, its sad that ITarian dont realise why.

Its also noted that its not just $1.10 per endpoint. If you are in the US sure, but outside, exchange rates come into play. So it will cost me even more per end point to continue. But that is typical of the US not thinking outside of their boarders. This is not viable…

Hi @Dix-It

I’m actually impressed and happy to hear you provide your services for free.

I run my own MSP company, and I then work for ITarian as Product Manager/Executive. As part of this I know we have a charity rate for charities these days as we could not continue to support them for free due to the cost.

At the end of the day my team all have bills and mortgages etc. Due to this I’m personally interested on how you do it as I believe charities ned our help without cost.

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I am appreciative for this platform for the years I’ve used it and all that I have learned. I’ve been in the IT industry for 19 yrs now, but started this RMM when it was Comodo One for a side gig supporting friends, family, and a few home office users. I do charge a small monthly fee that makes sense for my customers, but nothing that can replace my MSP day job salary. I really like the Comodo antivirus, Remote Tools features (interactive CMD, file transfer, services/processes), and Scripting libraries. Robin may be one of the only saving graces for the future of this company. However, I think the continuous confusion or lack of direction from this company (or group of companies) ever since the ITarian and Dragon moves and now Xcitium has finally jolted me a bit. And, knowing there are alternative RMM’s with much more platform maturity and pricing clarity makes it easier to consider othe options. No wishy washy, “We decided this is what we’re going to do now…or, Hey! what would you like to see?..We’re changing our name. Again!”

I am only a small player with less than 50 agents with a mix of Windows and Mac endpoints so it would be easy for me to migrate to something else. My day job MSP uses Syncro and I’ve used all the big players (Kaseya, Labtech, N-Able, etc.). Heck, my company even considered Comodo One before it changed to ITarian, but decided against it in favor for Syncro based on a) maturity of the platform, b) Syncro support feedback & consistency, c) pricing (per technician, unlimited endpoints), and d) roadmap\what’s in store for the future clarity. This is something we’ve been able to follow with little confusion. Comodo; however, seemed like a “fly-by-night, not to be taken seriously” offering and so they passed. But, ironically, that is exactly how I found Comodo One!

With that being said, I have found a few encticing options that are either free to X amt of agents or have a low monthly cost that I would be willing to pay.

Action1 RMM:
US-based by the founders of Netwrix so if any of you have ever had to deal with HIPAA you’ve prob heard of NW. A1 is free up to 100 endpoints. Have great patch mgmt incl. 3rd party, good App management including deploying apps directly from their library without having to script anything (love this feature), great Uninstall app feature I’ve used several times, and Awesome web-based Remote Control. They’re short on interactive endpoint features and lacking file transfer. But, they have a roadmap that I keep an eye out on. I’ve been using it for awhile as my backup RMM and bc I really like the web-based Remote Control feature. Also, since it’s web-based I have the ability to use my smartphone to quickly check things on an endpoint.

First off, wow! I can’t believe how mature this RMM is being only a couple years in production. Bluetrait is based in Australia, but markets US MSPs. They also are an MSP so they use their own software, which allows them to stay on top of real MSP needs. Also, free up 100 endpoints :slight_smile: I’m checking it out and so far I am very impressed.

Level appears to be a really polished up-and-coming RMM that works with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s $1/endpoint with min. of 20. I have not trialed it yet, but the demo video impressed me. I especially like the interactive remote control features. You can even perform file transfer and interactive terminal with MacOS! Nice! I will be keeping my eyes on them for sure.

As for staying with Comodo/ITarian/Xcitium we will see. I don’t mind paying if it makes sense but with my specific needs I would be willing to give up some of the Comodo RMM features for something that I feel I can depend on as my go-to RMM.

Thank you Comodo and Robin. We will see…


For me, its not about the cost. Costs are passed onto the clients. Its about the poor development. With these new billing changes they crippled their profile system. Now if you stack device profiles, especially if those profiles each have billable features like AEP, the new system will count a license for each profile that has billable feature on a single device. They will even bill you for an AEP seat just for having a profile with those features assigned to a device, even if AEP is not installed on the device.

So the Itarian portal was telling me I was now getting billed for more AEP seats than I had total agents by almost double. Just goes to show they cant develop a proper licensing system. What would make much more sense is to process all device profiles on an endpoint and have licensing flags that get turned on based on the end result. Instead they just count checkboxes on your profiles.

To fix this, I would have to go through all my profiles and merge them down into a single profile. This makes the system less flexible, and also puts the burden on the customer to make sure they aren’t getting improperly billed if a device inherits multiple profiles with paid features like AEP.

I myself am not interested in making such drastic changes every time they decide to pull the rug out from under their clients and make these random changes. I have uninstalled Itarian from my endpoints and am currently looking into a different platform and will check out your references. Action1 actually looks fairly nice.

Its a shame because for a smaller MSP, Itarian was fitting. But I see these changes as a huge step backward for their platform just from a usability standpoint.


Hi @uandit

Thabk you for the list and comparison of the competition from your experiences.

I know over the years that direction has not been clear, but this is one of the main takes I’m trying to bring to the platform.

Not only have we moved away from forum posts for feature requests we are trying to put together roadmaps and information like this for you. You will be surprised how hard a Roadmap is to deliver.

We have some wonderful improvements coming over the next 6 months which will hopefully show all where we ate going a bit more, it’s an exciting time here for sure!

Hi @minntech

The license costs should stack as you say. Having multiple XCS profile types should still only give you 1 XCS license requirement per device.

Have you raised this with support so this can be checked out and resolved?

This thread seems to have gone a little off the topic and is a little confusing.

If you have feature requests for us, please click on feedback at the top of the forum or navigate to feedback.itarian.com where you can add, vote and comment on features.

I shall close this thread now, but if you need to discuss Syncro further please open a new topic to discuss it; but please keep to the topic to help others following threads.

Unfortunately, we cannot help you migrate to Syncro, but we can make our system as good with guidance from the community.