Migration from Comodo One MSP to Itarian MSP


I apologize if this topic exist somewhere already. I couldn’t find it.

Since Itarian MSP platform offers some features, like Account password policy for users that are important for us, I was wondering what needs to be done to migrate from our existing Comodo One MSP platform to Itarian MSP.

The critical question here is how this migration will affect our clients and would it be necessary to migrate clients manually one by one by to the new platform by re-enrolling their existing devices or this could be avoided.

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Hi @msp_security

We are happy to answer your query regarding switching from Comodo One MSP to ITarian.

There wont be any difference as far as the interface, and over all experience is concerned. You don’t have to worry about transfer/manually transferring your existing clients. Rest assured that once migration is completed all endpoints, customers, settings, and subscriptions will remain intact.

As for migrating from Comodo One MSP to ITarian is concerned we will be happy to create a ticket on your behalf once you have reached a decision to finally transfer.

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@msp_security - If you are interested I am happy to coordinate a demo/walk through for you of the ITarian Platform with one of our ITarian Consulting Engineers. Please let me know if you would like to coordinate a session. My email is Donna.Milito@ITarian.com. Kind regards, Donna

Hi @DaveHD

thanks for quick reply. I will consult with management about the final decision for migration.

@DonnaMilito, I will contact you for offered walk through. Thanks.

Hi @DaveHD,

as we talking above, we have decided to migrate to Itarian MSP platform. What needs to be done?

Hi @msp_security

We will be glad to process your request. We will be creating a support ticket for you.

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