minor bug

The new ServiceDesk skin looks awesome. Minor bug I notice at first glance: the Ticket number in the list does not match the actual ticket number when you click on it.

Hi @indieserve
Nice to hear that you like it. About the bug that you notice, Are you pertaining to the numbers on the left corner under ticket column? It should match the same numbers when clicked.

That’s correct Carl, I use the randomized numbers for my tickets, not sequential. I don’t know if you have access to see my Servicedesk, but when I look at open tickets, I see one that is #2578 titled “Reception phone programming”, if you click on it, it is then show as ticket #690893.

Possible issue is, as I mentioned, that I’m using randomized ticket #s per the settings. It did display properly before the skin change/update. I can switch to using sequential tickets if that fixes the problem, it’s not a big deal for me, I just thought randomized ones were a little more secure.

I switched to Sequential, and a little while later a maintenance ticket opened automatically, and it matches up properly. So I think the issue is when tickets are set to random.

You are correct @indieserve , it is because of the ticket ID’s settings that you have, I don’t have access to your SD, However you can switch to sequential ticket in the meantime and i will let our developers look into this issue.