Minor irritations in SD - how to fix?

Once again, huge praise for the skin upgrade on this, looks wonderful and I’ve decided to start using the Knowledgebase for customer IT documentation (seems like a good fit right?)

Anyway, I have two minor gripes about ServiceDesk and I’m wondering if they can be fixed.

  1. When people submit a ticket by email (edited: when they include screenshots/snips embedded in their email), if I view the ticket inside SD, the images are broken. Is there a way to fix this? Possibly I’ve just got a setting wrong maybe?

  2. Constantly see errors “unable to get a lock on ticket” or Chrome pops up a similar locking-related message while I’m typing out a response. Any way to fix this? (again, maybe a setting I can change?)

Thanks for all your hard work guys, this really becoming a fantastic platform.

Hi @ indieserve

 We appreciate your praise about our new release. We will need to investigate further about those issues you mentioned and will communicate with you as soon as possible. 

can you please check this previous link, regarding your issue #2 https://forum.mspconsortium.com/forum/products/service-desk/5976-unable-to-obtain-a-lock-on-the-ticket. Please let us know if this answers your reported issue.

I also would like to give you this help guide if you want to change some ticket settings and/or options in Service Desk. https://help.comodo.com/topic-289-1-625-7861-Ticket-Settings-and-Options.html

Thank you Jimmy; setting the agent lock/timeout to 0 seemed to fix the issue. Let me know what you find for issue 1. It would be nice to see screen snips/embedded/attached images in SD without having to view the ticket in email since our users regularly include screenshots to speed resolution.

Hello @indieserve ,

We are glad to help.
Regarding your 1st issue, have you tried using other browser?
Thank you.

No, setting the parameter you suggested to zero seemed to fix the issue, though I may try it with firefox as there are some popups with Chrome that may go away (it prompts asking if I want to leave/stay when I submit a ticket update for example). Will check Firefox (or do you recommend Edge?)

I did have the same issue in Firefox also (the popup), it’s not a show stopper though.

@indieserve Thank you for updating us regarding this issue. Please try to delete the cookies and cache using inetcpl.cpl