Missing option to submit ticket in CC / Agent

For some reason the ability to submit a ticket at some point went POOF!

It was working several years ago as I recall. Now when I go into the “Client UI Settings” for the profile for the client I can enable this option but it does not show any groups and sync does nothing. I have added support groups and can submit tickets via the web portal so AFAIK I don’t have any missing bits in my configuration.

No errors or indications of what I need to fix this so any suggestions are appreciated.

Hi @mathewss

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I have edited your subject slightly, this is because ITarian does not have CCC as this is “Comodo Communication Client” and we are not Comodo (now called “Xcitium”). As ITarian we currently have three different references for this which are: -

  • Endpoint Manager (Also the name of our web application)
  • Communication Client
  • Agent

One of the things we are doing is resolving issues with this naming, and from the rest of this reply I shall being using the name “agent”.

So we can understand what is going on with the sync of the departments etc, can you please let us know if you are using Service Desk or Service Desk v2 ?

Also, in a PM can you let me know your main tenant email address so the team know who they are looking / checking over.

Once we have resolved the sync issue from Endpoint Manager to Service Desk we then can look at any issues the agent is having.


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