Missing RMM extension

I am very new to comodo. I am mainly interested in the remote monitoring capabilities of this product. Specifically, I want to know what it can monitor for me. Disk space? Services? Whether a device or server is down? Hard drive failure? I created my account. Based on what I’ve read, I need to enable the RMM extension. However, if I click on the settings button in the online portal, i don’t see “extensions”. I searched around and found extension management but the RMM extension isn’t listed in there. I only have patch management and it security. What am I missing?

Hello @jmock ,

Thank you for your interest in Comodo One.
ITSM/RMM can monitor the Disk space, Services, Hard drive failures, whether a device is down or not and many other things, please find more details here : https://help.comodo.com/topic-399-1-786-10984-Monitoring-Settings.html and here: https://help.comodo.com/topic-289-1-719-8565-Managing-Policies.html

Regarding the missing RMM extension, if you signed up for Comodo One MSP you should be able to enable it from Settings->Portal Set-Up->Extensions Management. If you signed up for Comodo One Enterprise the RMM extension will be missing, in this case you can request an account conversion from Enterprise to MSP to have all the features available: https://help.comodo.com/topic-289-1-716-11177-Appendix-–-C1-Products.html

hi jmock,

welcome aboard to our Comodo family.

we can do everything you are asking here. Not a problem. its with our free comodo one product. (there are 2 variations, both free, enterprise and MSP versions).

Also: we have a free service whereby if there is a specific monitoring you want to do and you want us to write a script to automate that, we’ll be more than happy to do that. There is a forum thread where you can request this and our guys will get you a specific script to do exactly what you want asap.

again, welcome aboard!

Thank you both. Yes. I have enterprise. I really want the monitoring so what is the process to convert my account from enterprise to MSP?

You don’t need to change the account type. Please check our help guide to see how yo enable and use monitoring.