Missing Tabs under device??

Hi, I’m sure there were two tabs called “commands Queue” and “Communication” have these been removed?

I can’t see them today? They were very handy to see the state of the end point and what is going on.


@dittoit ,

Are you pertaining to this tab under devices on ITSM concerning installations?

there were two tabs called “commands Queue” and “Communication” you could see what commands were in the queue and you could see the communication from the endpoints.

Same thing here, the communication tab whilst bloody ugly did at least let you see if the agent was responding properly.

Hello @dittoitand @Joners,

These two tabs are engineering tabs which are visible only if debug mode is enabled and you log in to ITSM from Comodo IP.

Interesting… how were we seeing them then? can we see them? they were good.

Yup, saw them for at least a month if not two.

Hello @dittoit and @Joners,

There is no option to enable the said tabs on the portal and it was removed since it also influence the performance of the portal.

Same as seeing a job queue for a machine could be useful.

Can we see if these can be re added? or a “communication/Queue” section. it really was very helpful, particularly when the devices report as “offline” we could see they were as they were reporting in so could run commands to restart the ITSMService to bring them back online.

Hello @dittoit,

I will create a feature request ticket to add the two tabs back on the ITSM. We will keep you posted on this forum page and the ticket created regarding the request.

Hello@Joners and @StrobeTech,

I would like to ask if you would like to be included on the feature request for the Commands Queue and Communication Tab? Thank you

Yes please, we have a bunch of devices showing offline and diagnosing them will be easier with additional tools like this.