Mobile App 'service type is required!'

When trying to add time to a ticket using the mobile app (either manually or using the stop watch), I get the response ‘service type is required’ but I can’t see anywhere to select the service type. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?

Hi @danderton
Please do check the following guide (specific to the C1 Mobile) about Managing Time.

I’ve read that guide, but can’t see any mention of a service type.

Following that guide to add work time, when I click ‘OK’, I still get the message ‘Unable to save entry, service type is required!’

Attached a screenshot so you can see.

@danderton ,

We will create a support ticket for your case to have the issue investigated as soon as possible. We will reach you via email for additional details in resolving this issue.

I’m also seeing this issue on the mobile app, any information on a fix or if it’s a known issue?

Hi @sos1994
The product development team do acknowledge that this is a bug with the C1 Mobile app. The team are still reviewing it. We will get back to you once we get word from them.

+1 on the fault. very frustrating!

Hello @monster-it ,

Rest assured that once we have the resolution on this issue, we will post it here as soon as we can.


another with the same issue. The “service type” field is hidden and should not be, also an option to have the field required or unrequired would be good. I haven’t found the template for this, anyone know where this would be?

Hello @graemethomas,

We will communicate with you shortly via email as well for the process in resolving this case.
Thank you for your patience.

I’ve been having this issue now since mid-late January. Please PLEASE release an update that fixes this, as I mainly use the app when working tickets for our clients or…well I USED to lol. The app, with this issue nonexistent, is the best thing since sliced bread for our primarily Apple shop. Ran perfectly on all of our devices (mainly iPads.) Thanks in advance, support team!


Hello @Matt2,

We appreciate your feedback. We have alerted our development for this case. We will reach back to you as soon as updates are available.

Thank you for your usual support.

The mobile apps for iOS and Android have not been updated since the new service desk features have been added.

Hello @StrobeTech ,

We have created a support ticket for this concern and we`ll give you an update as soon as possible.

Hello everyone!

This is Ayhan from Service Desk. The issue that you are facing will be fixed and will include the updates about service types . We will update you with the news as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.


This still seems to be an issue. When we create a ticket with billable time, it does not subtract the time from the contract hours because it comes in as a Remote “service type” and not Onsite "service type. We need this issues fixed once and for all very frustrating indeed.

@hsdssupport ,

We understand the urgent need for resolving this issue. We have informed our Product Developers about your issue. A support ticket will be created for further correspondence.