Mobile Apps

Does anyone use the Itarian Mobile app? I like what they’ve done but I think it would be great if we could have access to things other than tickets here. This would be a great place to store the CRM, and RMM applications as well. Or course I would love to see them separate for ease of use, but it’s a great thing to do with this app as well.


I’ve often thought the same… CRM especially… but even the ability to see if endpoints are on/off would be a start.

I would like to see more features regarding security as well: to get notifications about found threats on devices and to block/deblock the files.
Next to a RMM feature from a mobile device.
Now you get an email with only the message that a threat has been found and a link to login for the selected device.
So you have to login via web to the device and browse to the client to look for the threat in different logs.
It would be a great step forward to be able to get a mail with the device and the found threat and updated link directly to the device and log. And it would be even more better if you can see that from the mobile app and remove/block/unblock the found mallware and maybe use RMM to take over the affected device.
In this case a MSP can react faster on threats.

@ailan ,

We appreciate it bringing in your suggestions to our Development team’s visibility. We will make sure to have this enlisted on their work table and provide you with news concerning their analysis and possible time table of implemenation.

Do you use the CRM??

We use the mobile app a lot, it is very good for the service desk features.

Extra features would always not go amiss.

The biggest issue is that the messages / alerts do not match the ones in the main portal.

I just started using it… but the ONLY thing I use it for at present is for storing notes on our clients such as account login details (A feature sorely missed in the RMM platform itself).

I dont/wont need 99% of the features in the CRM… In fact I just have the notepad widget and Organizetion list on the CRM homescreen, thats it.

Fair enough, we don’t use it as SD does all that it offers and links to quote manager

I don’t use the CRM yet. I found FreshSales free CRM has just about what I need it to do. Since I’m a one man operation I’m most always on the road and not near my computer. The fact that Freshsales has an app version allows me to do things in the CRM from my Android phone. I’d love to use the ITarian CRM but I need access remotely, plus I would like to have the ability to edit fields. I have a couple custom fields I need to have in my CRM.