Mobile Device - Encryption and Passcode?


I wan’t all my mobile devices to be encrypted, but if I uncheck the setting “Allow un-encrypted devices” ITSM says,

“This will make Passcode section ignored by device. Device will ignore all passcode actions from Device list as well. Do you want to continue?”

I wan’t to be able to force encryption and the passcode settings. Why can’t I?

Hello @Noiden ,

If you disable option “Allow un-encrypted devices” it means user should encrypt device. In this case, if device isn’t encrypted and enrolled to portal user will be receive notifications with requirement to encrypt device. If device is encrypted by user and user configured his own password then passcode from portal configured by administrator will be ignored on such device. That’s why you see this alert when try to uncheck this option.

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Hi @Jay ,

I don’t really get it, what option should I have to force devices to be encrypted?

Hello @Noiden ,

We cannot encrypt device without end user intervention. You can enable option “Allow un-encrypted device” and set up a passcode.

Hi @Jay

I’ve just been looking at this in more depth and can see exactly what @Noiden is on about.

For security we want to nag/alert the user that we want the device encrypted, but we should not have to lose the enforcement of passcodes to do this. This is simply the way you guys apply the policies and needs to be looked at as mobiles need to be able to have both.

Exactly what @StrobeTech said :smiley:

It should be an annoying pop up until the user sets a passcode and also encrypt the device.

Hello @Noiden and @StrobeTech,

We appreciate for providing additional details on this matter. We have opened a Feature Request to have the ability to apply encryption and still retain the passcode action on the devices. Updates will be relayed via this forum post/associated support ticket. Thank you