Mobile remote control app

When will you guys bring out an app which we can remote control the machines via android/apple devices?

We want to be able to work via our tablet’s/phones when out of the office instead of paying teamviewer lots of money to do this.

Hello @monster-it ,

The ITSM feature request: ability to remote FROM a mobile device to devices enrolled in ITSM is still part of the roadmap with 6 to 12 months implementation timeline.
We will contact you either here or via support ticket as soon as this timeline becomes more accurate.

Thank you for your patience.

Please also keep me informed, if I don’t already have a ticket open with a similar request.

@nct ,

Absolutely. We’ll make sure to you updated as well.

Hi @Jay , how about remote FROM desktop TO mobile device? Thanks.

The answer to your inquiry @com1blaster is it is already in the works. The ability to remote in to iOS and Android devices currently shows in the product roadmap and is on a mid-term (6-12 months) implementation timeline. We will loop you in to the feature request ticket so that we can inform you of any important updates about it.

Is there a link to the feature roadmap? I’d like to review it to see what Comodo has in store for this product in the future.

Unfortunately, there is none available @traditionsmgmt. The closest one that is publicly available is the Feature Voting. The login credentials is the same one you use to access the C1 portal.

Is there any info already about the remote control app from an Android/IOS device?

[I]We thank you for providing details about your query. Our product management team is aware of your request and is working to prioritize it with the others received. We will provide you an email notification for any updates regarding this request and its timeline once it is prioritized on the road-map for a delivery.

ITarian support[/I]

Hi Itarian support,
Still no idea when this app can be expected?
This is a very old post and like other posts, see: in sep-2018, it was stated that it was on the roadmap within 6-12 months implementation time.
So I was just wondering when it’s scheduled in the current roadmap because I couldn’t find it.

I will look forward to it.

I like the idea of a mobile remote control app, this would be perfect for our work. I’ve been stuck in my Abruzzo real estate for months now and had to work through Team viewer. This new app would make my life really easy. Keep me updated please

@Elif Hi Elif,

Any update on this as we are already in the mid of July and it was expected on June?

Hello @doltrin ,
Due to some unexpected issues we had, we were unable to stick to our plans about android to windows and windows to android features. It is still under development and we are doing our best to make it available for use as soon as possible.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience and grateful for your patience.

I will share the latest information about possible release date.

Best Regards,

I really appreciate your fast reply on this. Looking forward for this specific feature as it will help, I believe, most of the people who are on the road providing remote support.

Any update on this please. I really like comodo however the fact we are struggling controlling from mobile devices makes life so much harder and the helpdesk app is too clunky too. Will there be a refresh for this sometime?

Still nothing on this???

Any news regarding the android app to connect to Windows devices?
This is still on the roadmap for 2021 Q1/Q2.

Yes! This is very important. Also to be able to tie external helpdesk’s to raise tickets.

Is there any update on this or the project is dead? Its 2022 and still we cannot connect through ios/android for remote support. Everything is moving either on the cloud or mobile/tablet and windows is not a viable solution anymore for these.
At least someone can answer anything on this so we can decide if we will stay or not using this platform.