Modify Hide Icons script

A while back I requested a script to hide all Comodo icons from the start menu and from the notification area (ITarian Forum - ITarian Forum - 9/20/2017). The attached script is what I was given. It works great, however I was wondering if it could be modified to that if the icons are already hidden that the script will not run and return “Already hidden”. Is this something is possible?

hide-cons.json (1.96 KB)

Hi @phil.tukey

We’ll progress your script request and update you once it has been completed. Thank you.

Hi @phil.tukey

Refer the attached JSON file for hiding the comodo icons from the start menu.Please provide your feedback to us.

Thank you

20180409-Hide_Icons.json (3.41 KB)

Hi @Preethi , I tried clicking on the link and I get “Invalid file specified” any ideas?

Hi @phil.tukey
Please make sure that you are logged in to the C1 Forums if you plan to download any attached files from any forum post.