Moniroting Scripts No Longer Reporting


Some of the custom monitoring scripts that I use to create alerts are no longer reporting into ITMS whether an alert is triggered or not.

Nothing has changed with the scritps or profiles, could a ITSM update cause this? Is anyone else noticing that scripts are not reporting back?



@dbettens ,

We will create a support ticket to have your reported issue investigated. We’ll coordinate shortly via support email for additional details we might need under your account.

Just a thought, do the monitoring scripts now only log an entry against an alert1 i.e. if the script runs and alert0 is triggered nothing is recorded to the monitoring script log

Hello @dbettens ,

New events appear in ITSM logs when monitoring status change its status from ON to OFF or vice versa.
If monitoring doesn’t change its status new monitoring events don’t appear on portal.
Just don`t forget to ensure the condition that you will set.

Ok this is weird, if i run the script as a procedure i get the log with an error state, i.e. defender disabled. But my monitoring scripts are not detecting this…

Hello @dbettens,

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