Monitor and Report Backups

Is there any way to monitor backups and reporting?

Hello @libretech
May we ask which backups are you referring to?

I was referring to Veeam.

Hi @libretech
You may want to drop by the Script Request sub-forum and ask there. Feel free to check these scripts if it will serve your needs.

Or reach out to Veeam support to inquire of any available methods for monitoring and reporting.

Veeam has built-in status reports that you can setup to email you on each job that occurs, I do this and can see in the morning what has backed up and what hasnt/had issues…

@ZionIT yes I know but I’m just feeling out the potential and limitation of comodo’s rmm. Other rmm tools give you daily, weekly, monthly and executive reports of backups activity I want to suggest that this is something comodo can take a look at. I will attach some reports.