Monitor automatic services


I have been using the script Monitor automatic services to check if any automatic services have stopped which is great. I wondered if there was a script to also start these stopped services that are set to automatic?


@fenno182 ,

You can check this script procedure for your usage.

@Jimmy thanks! i was looking at this but needed to tune it so that it starts all servers that are not runnign and are set to automatic. Rather than a specific service?

@fenno182 ,

Thank you for clarifying your request, We’ll have our Scripts Team work and analyze this request.

I also wondered if it is possible to exclude some as it constantly flagging the same ones which by design do start and stop but are automatic.


@fenno182 ,

Please utilize this the attached JSON script file to start the services which are automatic and stopped. We have sent your additional queries to our Scripts Team in regards to your above query and we’ll wait for the output of their tests.

20190304-start_automatic_services_if_stopped.json (2.44 KB)