monitor why pc uses 100% cpu

i got a pc that is slow, the cpu is often at 100%.Normally i would check taskmanager to see what is goning on, but is it possible to see somehow, without calling the client, which process is using the cpu 100%?

Hello @andref,

You may use the procedure “Get Running Processes” or “Get 5 top CPU Processes” on the device that often at 100% CPU usage. Please refer to the link below on how you may run the procedure via ITSM.

For viewing the procedure result please refer to the link below.

Please let us know if the information above worked for you. Thank you

I applied it to the machine and it failed . Am getting a
Procedure process exited unexpectedly Will it run automatically or can i restart the script?

Hi @andref ,

After you import the procedure to ITSM, please try to click ‘Ready for Review’ and ‘Approve’ to be able to run it.

Please see also this link for a quick start guide:

Many thanks for your reply. The tutoroal isnt that clear for me, i cant find the system software inventory. I can find the procedures but the one i linked cannot be found

Hi @andref
Are you perhaps referring to this Software Inventory?

Hallo Rick,

its about the Get 5 Top CPU Consuming Processes.procedure. I am trying to find out how to restart this procedures if it fails(or why it fails) .

I followed these 2 tutorials:…s-Devices.html…e-Results.html


Hi @andref
This just might do the trick!

Feel free to peruse the available scripts in the Comodo Scripts Repository. Or if you need something very specific (esp. with a specific non-Windows software), do drop a request in the Automation Scripts sub-forum.

I set mine up to run that that script as an auto remediation if my resource monitor is tripped, if the CPU or RAM gets above a certain threshold, “BAM” runs the procedure automatically. Then I get the info from the time in question. Works really good.