Monitoring Bitlocker

Hi Can you create a bitlocker monitoring script that checks the C:
Checking that Bitlocker is enabled
Checking that drive encrypted (if possible to detect if its currently encrypting)
Alert if bitlocker is not enabled



Hello @dbettens
There is an existing script for checking the Bitlocker status of disk drives but it does not cover all of what you specified above. We will make sure that the script developers will be able to address your concern. Thank you.

Yes thank you, I have looked at the script and ran it to test but my monitoring service was down yesterday

As I said before I really need this to monitor and alert if not enabled on the car drive


@dbettens ,

The script had been completed . Please utilize this as a custom monitoring script.

thank you, I’ve tested and it works!!!

thanks again

@dbettens ,

We’ve seen your reply to support. We’re glad that our recommendation worked for you.

Is it possible to add other drives to, that is internal HDD’s? We have laptops and desktops that has a second HDD or second partition, like D:, E: and so on.


@Noiden ,

We’ve forwarded your request to our Scripts Team. We’ll provide you, an output as soon as possible. Thank you

Hello @Noiden,

Our development team have completed the script. Please check the link below and provide us your feedback:

Cool, thanks… The script worked, but I got status failed anyway.

018/04/24 08:28:25 AM    Failed    
manage-bde -status C:
The used space is Encrypted fully in C drive
manage-bde -status E:
The used space is Encrypted fully in E drive

I don’t really know why, because the status is right on C: and E: and that is the hard drives I got on that computer.

Hi @Noiden ,

Thank you for reporting this case. We will inform our Development Team about the issue you are experiencing with the script and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible through email.

Hi @Noiden

Sorry for your inconvenience, please run the script as custom monitoring that script will surely notify an alert if BitLocker is not enabled

If you have any doubts about running the script as custom monitoring

please refer the below wiki Guide to run as a custom monitors

we are awaiting your feedback