Monitoring dashboard

How about separate monitoring page (dashboard)?

When managing many workstations be great if we can see “heart-beat”, groups, last alerts, critical problems, etc.

@Sergey We are working on a feature that will do something similar. The idea is to remove the clutter but provide view of a customer status that allows the MSP to quickly identify the problem and take actions to resolve or progress the issue. I will contact you to discuss further. This way I can ensure the right “view” and actions are intuitively available.

If other MSP partners are interested to also collaborate please feel free to contact me to do the same. I would love to listen and exchange ideas. Together we will build the best platform that makes our jobs easier and paves the path to success.

If you can show your “similar”… So I’ll can add some wishes :slight_smile:

Sounds like a plan. :slight_smile:

Like Melih love to say: " OOOOOO!!! IT COOOOMING :cool: !!!" - what coming, where coming - dont tell :slight_smile:

Don’t you like surprise presents? We give presents every month. We just keep it under the wraps until it is released. Everyone like good surprises. :slight_smile: Keeps things interesting and exciting.

Kidding aside, we listen and based on your feedback, we prioritize. Due to our rapid delivery cycle, things tend to move around. Therefore we deliver a cluster of things that are the most important or highest priority on a monthly basis. We also deliver items for different modules. This is done at a break neck pace by very large team that is spread globally.

Our support team does inform our users of a target delivery time frame for a particular request as soon as they can. However due to competing priorities and circumstances delivery date may shift.

Please keep giving us feedback and I will promise you that we will keep delivering presents every month.

Than early we know details of “surprises” than less you will fix them later :wink:

I think if you share with us your roadmap - it will seriously speed up C1 evolution.

Hello @Sergey

We will forward this as a Feature Request for the Roadmap to be shared with you.