Monitoring internet connectivity

Anyone know if comodo is equipped to monitor my Internet connection? For example, Nable can ping the external IP of my firewall by me unplocking ICMP traffic from just Nables IP. After thinking about it, couldn’t I just setup one of my servers to ping Google? The only issues is, if the Internet did go down, I assume the agent wouldn’t be able to communicate with me to tell me that it can no longer ping Google?

And their actual offline monitor still isnt working…

It is potentially possible @Jeff_mock. Your question, I believe, is better directed to the Automation Scripts subforum and let our script developers churn out some excellent ideas on how to achieve your goal. Feel free to post your inquiry there and add in more details as you see fit.

Let’s hear from other C1 users what’s their take on your scenario.

I need exactly the same thing.