Monitoring internet connectivity

Can there be a way to monitor an internet connection? For example, Nable can ping the external IP of my firewall by me unblocking ICMP traffic from just Nables IP. If the internet connection goes down, the ping fails and I was alerted. Is there a way to monitor an internet connection via comodo?

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Thanks for your request we will analyse and get back to you with an update.

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Hi @Jeff_mock,

We are happy to inform that our ITSM feature helps you to configure the Ping status of a device without using any script procedure.

Refer the following help topic for configuring monitors,

Refer the following help topic for creating ping monitoring section,

How to Monitoring the Ping in device

Now add this profile to the device which you need to check the internet connectivity.
After a successful monitoring configuration, the logs will be produced on the device under the logs section, on that choose Monitoring logs in it


The status of the device will be shown only on the active internet connection of a device

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I’m not exactly sure I follow on how to configure this ping rule to actually monitor the state of my internet connection. Would I create a profile that pings the external IP of my firewall? With that said, I would have to assign that profile to a device which then means the device would have to be able to ping the external IP of my firewall which wouldnt work. I guess I’m just not clear on how this would work.

@Jeff_mock ,

We apologize for the confusion. Currently, there is no feature in ITSM for monitoring the internet connectivity. We have contacted our Product Developers for requesting these functionalities in the production environment. We’ll provide you an email notification of their feedback.

Jeff, I would ping something further out that the external IP, like a Google DNS server ( or some server you may have outside the network.

Hi bootstrapper,

Thats exactly what I was thinking. However, if the internet went down and my device was no longer able to ping google for example, wouldn’t that devices agent also not be able to communicate to me that it cant hit google since it can no longer communicate outside of the LAN? Its almost like you have to monitor it from an outside source. For example, I would need to open up ICMP on my firewall and add an agent to a pc outside of my network and setup a profile on that pc to ping my firewall.

Hi Jeff,

That is correct, use an outside source.