Monitoring internet connectivity

Can there be a way to monitor an internet connection? For example, Nable can ping the external IP of my firewall by me unblocking ICMP traffic from just Nables IP. If the internet connection goes down, the ping fails and I was alerted. Is there a way to monitor an internet connection via comodo? California air tools 10020c

Hi @iosman123

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@iosman123 Try this: Send email upon ping status of the specified IP address or domain name:…or-domain-name

Good script if you have a server or set of severs that are always on

Hi @StrobeTech

For testing connectivity on endpoints, our techs usually tell the user to ping, which is Google’s Public DNS server. Other public DNS servers like Cloudflare’s or IBM’s Quad9 will work as well.

– Javier Llorente
Devoteam - Endpoint Security

Course they is the way!

Just if no Internet it will not send error alert for ping

True @StrobeTech , but presumably the OP is monitoring his own system in such a way that he will know if it is off-line.

Moreover, for things like this we add them to the profile of a number of other external EPs so they act as a network of monitors to avoid having a single point of failure.