Monitoring server availability

I’m still at a loss as to how to monitor server availability. I need to know when servers go down and when they come back online. I’ve been told to create a monitor and then create a ping rule to ping a server. Thats all well and good but what if I only have one device insight? Isnt there a way to monitor a single pc or server site?

Hi @Jeff_mock
With the current build of the ITSM, the ‘ping’ method is the best workaround available. There are still other methods available though you will definitely have to think out of the box. A few examples would be like to monitor a key process or to set up a ‘third party app’ to help with the monitoring.

Rest assured that the developers are still working hard on the replacement for the ‘old monitor’ method. The aim is not just to replace the ‘faulty’ one but to deliver a much better performance and more stable process for the whole ITSM platform.

Hi @Jeff_mock ,

Thank you for your interest! With the December Release, we will have improved functionality on monitoring and much better operations.

We are always happy to hear from you!



the ‘ping’ method ???
monitor a key process ???
‘third party app’ ??

You can setup third party apps within Comodo One???

The ‘methods/workarounds’ I mentioned @holmesshanea are suggestions to accomplish the goal of a currently ‘faulty’ function in the ITSM. I am pretty sure there are a lot more ways to check an endpoint’s ‘online/offline’ status whether it be spartan in nature (ping, monitor a key process) or outright creative (this is where using third-party apps come in). Though I would like to state that you cannot set up a third party app within the C1 platform.