monitoring switches, printers etc

is there a way to ping a printer or access point through RMM so that i can get alerted when one of these devices goes down? the only way i see to add a device is by enrolling it by installing the agent which obviously won’t work with a printer.

I expect this would only be achievable via SNMP which is on the wishlist for C1. @Ilker @Ilker_Simsir What is the expected release date?

Hello @jmock,

‘Feature Request: Monitoring SNMP devices with RMM’ currently shows on the road-map for implementation this 2018-Q4. We will however verify that with our product team and provide you a confirmation within 5 business days.
FYI @nct

Thank you for your patience.

Hi everyone,

Previously communicated planned time is not current. Due to higher priority items (like security event monitors, passing parameters to procedures on runtime, etc… ), current estimation is around early 2018-Q4.


Its a nice feature to have but you are putting more important features first which we appreciate.


We appreciate the support coming from MSPs like you and this community who are making more features visible far more than just an overview. We believe that by these constant exchange of ideas that Comodo One will soon reach its course of full potential.

I’m still thinking that SNMP is really important as we would have a more complete product if ONE was better at monitoring and had a “pretty” customizable dashboard (where we could prioritize important items or groups of items" that could go red or stay green) or a list of warnings/critical.

@Joners already mentions it in this post

similar you could take a look at how domotz has implemented it.

They have a really nice product and a mobile app to boot (that does monitoring), something I’m really missing in ONE

They use a small Pi box that you buy and install on the clients LAN, you could do that, would be fine with me, but I would like to see something like a vm appliance, we could spool up on the already installed hypervisor at our clients, that could then inventory the lan and snmp into routers, printers etc. and ping or html check websites.

@melih mentioned something similar in this post

Sorry just frustrated with having to wait until Q4 2018, really hope it won’t get pushed again


The SNMP monitoring feature is still set for a Q4 2018 release @frederikbay

Perhaps the Feature Voting page can help push this feature to a much sooner release date.

Just need to get this right, the feature requests already on the roadmap, that we have discussed here on the forum and that have been acknowledgede as on the roadmap, have they all been added to the Feature Voting page automatically or do we need to do that our selves to the Voting page?

Hello @frederikbay , let me clarify for you. When you want to make a feature request from it redirects you here in forum to offer a votable item. We, as product managers, then review this post and make a votable item on voting.

For SNMP monitoring there is already a votable item:

Thanks for your understanding.

Yes I get that, but seems to me that a lot of old feature requests haven’t made it into the voting - could be that they are from before the dedicated “Feature Requests” section of the forum.

Or let me put it another way - are ALL the feature requests that you have on the internal list, on the voting site?

ex. this post…rtal-dashboard

where @bradbrownjr suggests that you should be able to click the ticket graph on the dashboard and then jump to service desk module

I can’t see that one in voting

Do all us that have suggested features, need to go through all our old posts with feature suggestions and re’suggest them for voting?


We have made voting site alive one month before. We are still receiving feature requests from various resources but in order to make them votable, we require our customers to start a feature request from voting site. Or alternatively, we, as product team, create new feature request if some feature request seems like .

Please kindly see the discussion about voting here:


But that does not answer my question: Should we resubmit all our feature requests for voting?

You don’t need to resubmit the feature requests but you need to warn us about the items which you want them to be voted. We have two ways for this:

  1. Using for submitting them as a votable feature request.
  2. Ping me in private or list your feature requests which you want to be votable. I can create votable items for them.


Is there a publically viewable roadmap somewhere? I’d like to see more info about the security event monitors as well.


The as explained by @emrahsamdan provides requested functionalities that are currently being groomed by our Development Team for Roadmap delivery, You can select Categories and view the other components of Comodo One. You can sign on the voting site not only to view only discussed Features but you can also send a request for a certain functionality that you want to see on Comodo One.