Monitoring within the portal

It would be great if the main dashboard was revamped so that we could have a column for each item would would consider critical like disk space, connectivity, patches, AV, etc - and then have either a green checkmark or green light that would tell us that AV, disk space, etc is OK on that particular device. I’m just looking for a main page that I can go to and then look for all of the red lights and then see what is barking.

Hi @jmock
May we ask what specific ‘device stats’ would you like to be available for monitoring on the C1 Dashboard? Please feel free to list as many that you believe you will need to make sure that you are on top of your client’s needs.

Also, for future Requests, you can log in to (using your C1 credentials) and get news on functionalities currently voted by other MSPs.

Hi @jmock list your requirements here and let’s see what we all think, maybe we can take them to the team for development.