More complex feature requests

Hi again…

I can see LOTS of potential in the system… which is really exciting!! Here’s some more complex thoughts I have for it…

Remote Access:
Would like an Android version of the Remote Access Tool
Chat function
Double-clicking on a device name in the list automatically starts remote access
Ability to start File Transfers from the Remote Access window (And vice versa)
Ability to send files to remote computer in the Remote Access window (like drag and drop or cut and paste files from local computer to remote computer window)
Ability to leave a note on the user’s screen from the technician after they are finished working on the user’s computer.

Service Desk:
Integrate with ConnectWise (until other features are added, like invoicing, etc)
Ability to create invoices
Ability to transfer invoices to QuickBooks Pro Desktop

Ability to import the Client companies from RMM module

Either Android native app or mobile optimized web site for tablet/phone usage (Android first, IOS second)
The upcoming improved dashboard looks great!

The ability to monitor other brands of antivirus. I know you’re focused on the Comodo offerings, but we have some clients that have their own licenses for AV who aren’t going to switch. Our fully managed clients have ESET …which we happen to really like… I must be able to monitor these products–even if minimally.

Thank you so much for listening!


@invisikcorp ,

Nicely done. These details are indeed fantastic. We’ll have our Development team take a look at these possibilities. On another note, the drag and drop capabilities, copy-paste are already implemented by this month’s release (Please see notes:). In regards to “RMM:
Either Android native app or mobile-optimized web site for tablet/phone usage (Android first, IOS second) The upcoming improved dashboard looks great!”
would this be a separate web interface from the portal or a linked module only. Can you expand, please?

Hi @Jimmy

a. Looking for an Android app for Itarian RMM.
b. If we can’t have an Andoid app, I’d like a mobile-optimized web site for using Itarian RMM.

As another item, I’d like an Android app for Remote Control by Itarian. That way, I can do everything from my Android tablet.

Thank you!!


Oh I saw that in the release notes about drag and drop… but it doesn’t work for me. Am I supposed to be able to drag and drop a file from our desktop to a remote computer in a remote control session? What am I doing wrong? Thanks…



@invisikcorp Definitely. We have our Developers working on this item for you. Please see some details…0020#post40020