More Confusion around licensing of AV / Security elements.

Today, i’ve been pointed in the direction of the following page regarding the AV deployment on a server.

This page goes to the Comodo 1 signup page, which begs the question, is the AV free or not. My understand has been that AV licensing in C1 / ITarian is a chargeable license, yet this page clearly says ‘While most offer a free trial, we believe that these programs should be available to anyone for no cost, and as such, provide our product without any cost to you’.

Anyone want to ellaborate?

@curatrix_pl Looks like you have landed on an old web page. @melih can this page be removed, if out of date?

@nct @melih

This isn’t me stumbling over an old page, this has been picked up by a potential new customer who has queried why we are quoting them for a free Anti-Virus product. It has resulted in a damaged relationship that has been built up over the last 6 months for a full Managed Service contract for a not so insignificant sum. Because of the ‘why are you charging us for a free AV product’ question from the customer, every element of our proposal is now being questioned and we are likely to lose the contract on the basis of lost trust.

According to the sitemap (, these pages were last updated on June 26th 2018, so not exactly what i would call an old page.

This in itself comes back to a point that has been raised many times on this forum. It has been said many times that the CCS has never been free, when it quite clearly at some point was.

Hello @curatrix_pl ,

We have coordinated our Sales and Marketing department to address your concern and rest assured that we will supply you the information as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience.

@curatrix_pl - Sorry for the confusion. I just reached out to your Account Manager on your behalf @KyleBrown and he will call you shortly to explain and demo for you the difference between our Free AV and the Comodo ITSM Premium product with Advanced Security features. Thanks, Donna Milito

@DonnaMilito Thanks for reaching out, however, having someone ‘demo’ the differences does not address the issue on the whole. Too many mixed messages.

To be clear, ITarian as an RMM is coming on very well and we are happy with the feature set within. The issue is the current links to Comodo, the impression pushed on us that certain elements are included and then being told that things are no longer free. The fact we can install CCS without having purchased licenses is confusing in itself.

Clarification would be appreciated for not just me, but the entire community as i’m sure that there are plenty of people that share my confusion and would appreciate the clarity.

@curatrix_pl Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I can see why this may raise some questions. CCS is a paid solution covered by the EM Premium License. We allow CCS to be pushed out for free as a 30 day trial. For further clarification, you can view exactly what is covered under each license by clicking the green “License Options” button located at the top of Endpoint Manager. I apologize for the confusion and hope this helps clear things up. Thanks, Donna Milito

We are also very confused. I realize this is an older topic but we are having some issues. We were under the impression that the base antivirus is free, in fact this is what we were told last month on our initial enrollment call and demo with some techs there.

They gave us a trial license with EM+Valkyrie that has a sublicense of Valkyrie, with 20 active for each. We were told that we can apply the base AV to those clients that will not be paying for AEP but the instructions we were given seem to apply the licenses to every machine that gets enrolled. We really need help with this issue.

if you click on download, it downloads the consumer antivirus product. Its not ideal but some people use it for servers. Consumer version is free and some people use it for servers.This has nothing to do with version included in Itarian.

@melih where are you referring to click ‘download’… If you are referring to the page i posted at the beginning, this takes you to the enrollment page for C1.

By this reasoning, are you saying that if we use the ‘Install Additional Comodo Packages’ button to deploy the ‘Comodo Client - Security’, this will install the ‘Free’ version or the paid version?

For the monthly cost of the paid endpoint protection, I’d let the customer know it is not free, but we would absorb the cost and welcome them aboard, (absorb cost first six months, year etc or offer 50% off for first year, anything to give a little and get a happy customer for the next 10 years.

The new naming of the different companies / products have made this a lot easier for understanding prices.

Itarian is the free tools like monitoring, management and configuration.

Comodo is the paid security aspect of the duo, but the licensing for the AV side is extremely confusing as they do give a trial without it saying trial, and the trial does not expire per say. The Terms and Conditions of licensing is based on trust.

You deploy what you need and then you pay for it.

Comodo then also give away two different non managed version of their product which are:-
Comodo Cloud Antivirus
Comodo Client Security

I believe I have covered this all right, but please @melih or @DonnaMilito correct if I have anything wrong.

​​​​​​​If you have issues with your client on this, as a Comodo Distributor I’d be more than happy to put something down in writing for you and also look at your pricing to see if we can help.

@StrobeTech So this does mean that Comodo Client - Security is actually free and the Advanced Endpoint Protection is separate? I have to agree that this is a bit confusing.

@Kristan this is not the case.
One of the confusing parts of Comodo is all the names of their products. Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) I believe is an older name for Comodo Client Security (CCS), but they are the same product.

So you have to pay for it.

One of the reasons they changed the names of the products was to make this easier

Itarian = Free
Comodo = Paid

Hope this helps.

Hopefully, the confusion is cleared up sooner than later as more and more MSPs and becoming interested in the Itarian product, Itarian must be prepared to give an easy onboarding experience.

Itarian and partners like us are working on this.

Given that CCS seems to be so embedded into the ITarian platform (and the platform is heavily weighted towards using it), it makes no sense to continue to say that this is not an ITarian product. If it is a licensed product, I would suggest that ITarian take some ownership to clear up these confusions and package the CCS product as a “Premium Product” with a per device cost associated to it. Be clear, and we’ll all be happier!

If you all remember there originally was just Comodo and it was a free AV management tool called C1 which evolved into an RMM, helpdesk and more.

As it has evolved and lines have become blurred they have now split into two companies with different product sets.

Itarian is the management, control, monitoring etc which is free.

Comodo is security which is paid.

They are so heavily integrated due to the background, and this gives us a good security management to the Itarian platform.

They are taking steps to clear this up, the cost it rebranding is not cheap, and neither is splitting the companies etc.

The big thing with CCS is making sure you read the Ts & Cs. It has not license controls as such and relies on the MSP to license correctly…