Moving computers in bulk to another group

I can’t seem to find out where I can move a number of computers to a new group. Here’s my scenario:

  • The company group is called ‘ClinicZC’ (for example).
  • Under that, I have two subgroups that I have created - ‘Location1,’ ‘Location2.’
  • There is also a ‘Default Group,’ in addition to ‘Default Group - ClinicZC.’

The computers in question are sitting under ‘Default Group - ClinicZC,’ but I don’t recall putting them there. In any case, I’d like to select all my computers on this screen and add it to another group, but there’s no option to move these computers at all. I clicked on ‘Device Management,’ but I don’t see any option to move them.

Am I missing something?


Hello @maximillianx

If you will move the device within the same Company on its sub groups, for example, you have Company A and there are sub groups under it:
Company A
- Default Group - Company A
- Sales
The device is on the ‘Default Group - Company A’ and you will move it on the ‘Sales’ group:

  • go to ITSM > Device > Device List > Company A
  • Select the ‘Sales’ subgroup under Company A, then click on the ‘Group Management’ tab
  • click on the ‘Add Devices to Group’ button on the upper right-hand corner. It will show all the devices on Company A.
  • Select the devices you wanted to move to ‘Sales’ and click on ‘Add Selected Devices’

If you will move the device to a different Company, for example, the device is on Company A and you wanted to move it to Company B, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to ITSM > Devices > Device List > Company A
  • Select all the devices that you wanted to transfer to Company B group
  • Click ‘More’ on the Upper right-hand corner, then select Owner > Change Owner
  • Start typing the first few characters of the name of the new user and company to whom the device is to be assigned and choose the user and company from the options
  • Click ‘Change’
    The ownership of the device will be changed to the new user and company. The configuration profiles in effect on the device, associated with the previous user and the user group to which the previous user is a member, will be removed and the profiles, pertaining to the new user and the user group to which the new user is a member, will be applied to the device.

Refer to this link for more information on Changing a Device’s Owner:’s-Owner.html#device_change_user_one

Please give us your feedback whether this answers your query or if you need further assistance