moving devices to different groups and default group being added

How can I move a Device from one company group to another? It seems no matter what company I am under it always defaults to one company when i go to enroll a new device.

Use the bulk install package, then you can define these parameters.

What if the machine was already installed under company A. Can I move it to company B or do I have to delete and reinstall it?

You can move them, use the group tab under the device.

That did it. Thanks a bunch. I was looking at the groups not the group tab under the device itself.

You are welcome, I believe you can also do it from the groups view you were talking about, also. Always looking to help out, it can take a while to get to know software inside and out sometimes. Good luck to you.

Another way is to select the device and “change the owner”. If you choose any admin as an owner, admin will be listed with different company names. You can choose the company name that you want device to be moved.