Moving from Connectwise to ITarian


We want to help make Itarian better.

Please tell us the reasons why you would not move from Connectwise to Itarian. What features are we missing?
We will take these and add them to our roadmap.


What we miss from connectwise is the access control without the need for approval on the endpoint device. We have 2 kinds of clients, 1. must give permission first everytime we need to fix something. 2. clients that are VIP and when they say they need their endpoint fixed, they leave the computer on, leave their office and no one is there to click on accept. it’s really a huge issue for us and we’re evaluating if we have to move back to connectwise or go to itera.

We want to stay with you because you can help us with endpoint protection monitoring.

Hello @wenyah
We have such possibility already.
Please check
If that is not what you need - please let me know.