MSI Installation file?


I can only download the installation as an .exe file, is there possible to get this as a .msi file? Because ITSM does not allow .exe files to be pushed out to clients, only .msi files.


Hello @Noiden
According to the EDR guide, you should be able to get the agent installer in MSI format. (Well, it’s a ZIP file with the MSI file and two REG files in it.)

@Rick_C ,

Ok, but I can’t find that zip file… and I don’t wan’t to add .reg files and stuff’s like that. Maybe you can make a script in ITSM or even better integrate the EDR installation from ITSM like you can do with the CCS. :slight_smile:

@Noiden ,

We’ll have your request forwarded to our scripts team for analysis. We’ll give you an update as soon as possible.

Hi @Noiden

you can use the .exe file to install the EDR through ITSM.
please use this below script to install EDR to ITSM.…modo-edr-agent
please provide your feedback

Thank you

Hi @Sowmya ,

I tried the script on a device and the first run it failed but worked on the second run. I got this error message,

Type of ticket creator: PROCEDURE
Event Created at: Wed Dec 20 12:40:15 2017 GMT+0
Data: Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 75, in
File “”, line 44, in Download
IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘C:\ProgramData\c1_temp\Comodo_EDR_Agent_Installer_1.1.253.3_BkGSaj8fG.exe’

Hi @Noiden
The error above means the script was not able to ‘write’ into the ‘ProgramData’ folder due to lack of proper permission. Please do make sure to run the script as a ‘system user’. Also, you can set up that the active account on the endpoint is an administrator when you run the script.

Hi @Rick_C ,

I did run as system user and the active user was local admin.

But I should be able to run this as system even if the logged on user is not local admin? Right? Because we have some users that’s not local admins… but I still wan’t to use this script to install the agent.

Yes, you are right @Noiden . There may be a possible ‘permission’ discrepancy on that specific endpoint. In such a case, you will have to test the permission settings of that folder or probably just perform a manual installation of the agent.

I tried to use the script to roll out a sample end point but it looks like its not downloading the file fully.
I end up with the file name but different sized files, none of which match the original
Lately its only downloading 21k… I have it hosted on my webserver now, as google drive was flagging it as a virus

@rockowwc ,

We have informed our Script Developers regarding the issues you are experiencing. Support will get in touch via email for any additional details if needed. Thank you for your patience

Well the supposedly fixed script still does the same thing… Just downloads a little more before stopping.


We thank you for posting the output of your test. In regards to the procedure, were you able to complete these steps?

  • Log in to your ** and download EDR agent that is specific to particular customers.
  • Upload the file to your hosted environment to get a direct download link. For example, Google drive
  • Edit the "URL" and "FileName" options in the script procedure
  • Run the script procedure in the required endpoints
If so, can you please send us a reply (for any visible errors of the script on the portal or screenshot) over the support ticket we've sent you on your forum registered email and we'll gladly forward your result to our script developers.

@rockowwc ,

Our Script Developers have modified the script. Please refer to this link

Well the new script runs through with no error and says EDR installed, but its not actually on the machine?


We already replied to the support ticket and we already forward your feedback to our developers.

Ok so I got it installed via the script in the end… However the agent is not checking in… I think its Comodo End Point Security that is blocking it somehow.
Possilby the firewall, as another pc without CSS worked fine.

Hi @rockowwc ,

Thank you for reporting this case and for sharing your thoughts. We already informed this issue to our Developers based on your observation and we will reach back to you with updates as soon as possible.