MSP Portal role lockdown


Is it possible or (could it be made possible in future revisions) to select application based on role within ITSM i.e. a user role can access the RMM but no access to ITSM patch management or procedures.

thanks in advance


Hello @dbettens
Currently, applying specific limitations on certain users (roles) is not yet possible in Comodo ONE. You need not worry as the developers are currently working on a roles and rights management system for the whole C1 platform. The estimated release would be later this year (Q4 2017).

Great news, do you know if it will go as far as being able to restrict customers to user ?



This is something i have asked in the past and have been told its on the road map. Would be good to be able to split our ‘outsourced’ engineers so they dont see all our customers. Would also be useful for setting up temporary supplier logins for support to tickets that get logged.

@dbettens and @curatrix_pl
Yes, limitations on which company/device group can be viewed/accessed by a ‘technician’ is part of the roles and rights management system being worked on by the developers.