MSP vs Enteprise

I am not finding much on the differences between Comod One MSP and Enterprise and how to switch from one to the other.

Hello @niles ,

Thank you for the feedback! We have contacted you by email regarding this. Looking forward to your reply there.

Is this something that you can not share with the rest of us???

Hello @BOSS ,

It is not about something that we hide, we contacted niles on email so we can help him with the account switch. The difference between C1 Enterprise and C1 MSP relies mostly in the purpose of these 2 consoles: while the Enterprise portal is dedicated to single organisations (for example, the ‘Customers’ menu is missing here), the MSP portal is designed for offering same services to multiple companies, so it contains more tools (CRM is one example) that are commonly used by MSPs and not by the IT staff.

We wanted to create 2 different version because Enterprise version doesn’t need stuff like Quote Manager etc.

an MSP have different needs vs an IT admin in an Enterprise. MSP version has “more” of the functionality. Enterprise version doesn’t have stuff like Quote Manager etc. Thats all.