Multi system Performance Metrics

Hey I’m sure it’s here somewhere but i just don’t see it. Is there a way to pull all the itarian Performance Metrics all to one page for a group?

We are looking for a good way to see the CPU, Memory and Storage usage for our servers. I just took over managing the Infrastructure here and come from working all day everyday in n-able so i’m sure i just don’t know where to look for it here.

Thanks in advance.


Anyone know anything or does Itarian just not do this?

Hi @bwales,

Sorry for the delayed response. We have asked our back-end team to check your request and provide an update.

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fantastic thanks a bunch!!!

Hi @bwales,

Please run this script and provide your feedback

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that script updates the information but doesn’t really do what i’m looking for.

Please see attached pictures the first one is the idea i was hoping for with all the metrics on one page for a specific group.

the 2nd one is what i am use to from n-able and was also perfect.

the idea is to be able to see all my servers at a glance and see any problems quickly.

I take it that this is just not a thing that Itarian can do?

Hi @bwales,

Please check your Inbox for private message and provide requested details.

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Hey @PremJkumar the information has been sent

Think I requested something like this a while back, I know that a new dashboard or dashboards were being worked on a while back but we haven’t gotten any update on the status in quite some time.

they enabled a report that I can generate daily and get a pdf of these metrics. it’s better than nothing but we’d really like something that we can toss up on a large monitor and just see live stats. being able to see there is a problem before a user tells you a problem is HUGE!

I agree - Itarian needs a lot more additions and improvements to their dashboard.
Being able to create a custom ‘view’ of agents that meet a certain criteria would be nice.
Also being able to add graphs or tables to the dashboard to show you, for example, how many devices that have a specific monitor triggered, such as like low disk space or high CPU usage would be nice.
I know we get alerts via email or on the dashboard - but having an up-to-date view on the dashboard of what devices need attention makes the job of the MSP a lot easier.

exactly! it was 3 weeks before we found out that one of our servers was topping out on it’s CPU. being able to see that at a glance is meaningful

@bwales have you considered using the monitors?