Multiple Monitors


Is there a way of accessing the other monitors if a computer has multiple monitors?


Hello @enlightenedit ,

This is the default behavior of the RMM Remote Desktop tool. When you connect to a computer that has several monitors all of them will be displayed in a continuous image, for example if you have 2 monitors of the same model, you will see only one image with the same height as the monitors but double the width (on the left half there will be the left monitor and on the right half the right monitor).

For users with multiple monitors, is there a way to zoom to a specific monitor or magnify to an area?

Hello @scoplin_redrock ,

Once you Take over a Device with the RMM Console, you should notice at the bottom of the Remote Desktop window some viewing options. “Fit to Height” for example. If you switch between those, for example “Fit to Width” you should be able to “zoom in” and focus on a specific monitor.

@Nick thanks for that will take a look