My installed agents do not appear in Dashboard

Hello. I followed all the steps informed in the forum and in the help of the site, and I did not succeed in the recognition of the devices installed with Patch Maneger in the site. The installation procedure occurred cleanly, but the device does not appear on my Dashboard. What could be happening? How should I proceed?

Hello @helpdesktecnologia ,

After you install the PM agent on a computer, the agent will first start to look for what patches (and 3rd party programs) are installed and what patches are missing and only after that it will report back to the dashboard. In other words, it might take anywhere between 10 minutes and 1 hour (or even more), depending on a number of reasons like internet connection speed, available resources, number of missing patches and so on.

Hello Nick;

All right, I get it.
Should not it even be listed in the Patch Manager agent list?
For neither is this displayed.

Hello @helpdesktecnologia ,

This issue sometimes occurs because of the Windows Update service not working properly. Please check if you are able to check for updates using the windows update service.

Hello Nick

All right.
I’m checking this question.

Thank you;

Hello I am having the same issue. I am a Comodo One newbee so maybe I am doing something wrong. I installed the ITSM patch and the systems are showing there. Then I followed the instruction to install the Patch management patch and that was successful at least on the server. I have waited a few hours for the first one so far and it is not showing up. I did as suggested above and checked to see that I could run windows update and that is working as well. Any thing else I can try?

Hello @melissa.long ,

Could you please clarify a few aspects? Did you install the separate Patch Management or are you using the one in C1 / ITSM ?
Additionally, what is not showing up and where, could you please be more specific?

I installed the separate patch management on Servers in my infrastructure. The Servers themselves show successful install but the Servers are not showing up on Comodo One Patch Management.


Same happens to me, After either 10min or 1H, the status of agent shows as Agent Down on PM, but on the RMM module the status worked as soon as the computer get turns on or connected to internet. It seems that the PM agent has a schedule to connect to server in order to save BandW, this should be an option so change, also, the flow that might follow the aget should be:

1- When computer turns on and get connected to internet, Send a “I AM ALIVE!!!” status.
2- On Web set status as “Agent UP and Collection Appz Information…”
3- Once collection of Apps gets finished, the status should be set to “Agent Up and Ready…”.