My Procedures Not showing up in search

Hello, there are a few scripts/procedures that we need to customize. In order to do so, we must first “clone” the script and put into our own folder “My Procedures”. When I go to a device in device management, select the checkbox to “run procedure” a pop-up window appears with the ability to start filling in the script name. It appears only the default (non customized) scripts show up in this search result and we cannot locate any of the custom scripts via this method. How are we supposed to run our scripts against a device if they aren’t an option to run?

I found the answer via trial/error and some small observations after creating more than a few scripts.

When you first edit/clone a script, it drops into a folder “My Procedures > Ready for Review”. You need to review/approve those scripts before you will be able to run them. Smart to have a process for reviewing built right in! :slight_smile: