Mystery CCS installation

Hello - I’m the IT manager for a small business. We have one PC that has a mystery Comodo Client Security 10 install (and the associated agents) This appeared last week and of course no one knows how it got there. I can open it up but everything is protected by a remote password. I believe Comodo is moving a file to quarantine that our practice management software uses. We use Bitdefender for our other PC’s and I had a similar problem and had to add some exclusions for it to work.

Is there anyway I can tell what company manages this install so I can contact them? I need to get it removed. Trying to save myself the time of performing a nuke and pave. Thanks!


Hello @aschrades , We sent you a support mail to address your concern. We will wait for your response on the email.

Hi @aschrades did you discover how Comodo ended up on the PC?