Need direction on which products to use

If I am installing the AEP for endpoints, what other products/add-ins should I be using? I am not interested in the MDR offering, however I have heard and see the following and I am a little lost if they are included as part of AEP or separate products:

CWatch EDR
Comodo Dome

My thoughts is that Windows PC’s running say Windows Defender and Comodo would be well protected. Is there an additional Comodo product(s) to replace Windows Defender? Is there a cost associated?

Thank you.

I just wanted to close this post out as I did do a better search than my previous one and found a post from Strobe IT from Sept/OCt 2019 that explains. Assuming this information is still accurate, I believe I have most of what I need.

Thank you

Hi @Bdjtech,

It is great. If you have more question please do not hesitate to ask.

Product Management Team.

@Bdjtech, if you need advice and to purchase licences @StrobeTech is the best route to go down.

Please tell me (@zeynepyildirim) where can I find out full information about the product?
I would be grateful for your answer.

Hi @Bdjtech

Let me know what you need and I can get this sorted for you.

Thanks for the heads up @nct