Need help installing an MSI package from web

Hi this might be in the wrong forum, sorry if it is.

I am trying to install an MSI package from the web ( using the ‘Install Custom MSI/Packages’ button, but it gives me this error:

  • The specified destination file does not exist!
I read a few other threads on here about the same issue and the only suggestion was to ensure the link was a direct download that automatically downloads the file once you paste the link into a browser, which the link above does do, but the problem is still there. I also tried uploading it to my OneDrive and gave it a direct download link but it complains about the URL not having a .MSI extension.

I also tried this script: but it didn’t work either. It gets as far as download a ‘pdfsam-4.2.9.msi’ file in the C:\ProgramData folder, BUT the file is 0 bytes and was never actually downloaded.

Any help to be able to automatically install this application would be appreciated.

Hi @day-it-an,

We will check with our script developer and provide you update.

Kind Regards,

Hi @day-it-an,

Our back end team has responded to your query that there is no ability to install mentioned MSI package using the ‘Install Custom MSI/Packages’ button because link redirects to :

Now, as for the procedure (Download and install any application from the URL), we have imported the procedure on EM Portal, changed parameters
and executed on one of the devices, and it was performed successfully - the application was installed without errors.

Please check the attached images referring to how parameters should be set and run this JSON file provided and provide your feedback.

Kind Regards,

20211221-Imported-Download-and-install-pdfsam.json (3.84 KB)

@PremJkumar thank you very much I will give it a shot!