Need some sort of shared location to pull files from for remote installations

Back when Dropbox had the public folder capability, I could upload an MSI and have it download with no issues to perform an installation on the remote clients. Now that Dropbox has disabled this feature, I need to find a different way to distribute software to my clients.

What is everyone else doing to distribute and install apps to their clients? It would be great if there was a Comodo shared location which was available only to the company/org structure we defined which we could temporarily upload files for software distribution.


Hi @maximillianx ,

We appreciate the recommendation. We will have the team look into this as a feature request.

We will also send you an email for any update.

I use file transfer in RMM, transfer onsite, run win deployment tool, or even from a share on location. Works great.

This would be a great idea, at the moment we are using a VPS to host a few files for us. Having some cloud storage which you could dump installers with a public link would be very useful.

I’ve had to do this as well - I want to find a way to do bulk install/update of apps, sadly the RMM solution is a bit too manual for large scale deployments.

That’s a good idea, I’ll look into doing this instead - One other solution might be to have a dedicated dumb PC sitting at each site with a Dropbox/Google Drive client installed which pulls software from the Cloud - then configure a public read-only share and can act as a software-distribution point…but, that’s an additional endpoint to support/more hardware costs, etc.

Could do, but lots of overhead for not much gain, keeping the hardware and software up to date and ensuring that access is available could be problematic. If you were pushed down this router it might be more suitable to use a Raspberry Pi or similar.

@maximillianx , @Joners

Did you check the Auto Discovery and Deployment tool? Would it help?

We are also going to provide

  • software distribution for installation for all patched 3rd party applications
  • a file repository / shared backpack like a common file sharing applications in next releases.

ADDT looks like it only works with local network computers. I am looking for the same thing for remote install of remote network computers.

Hi @merryworks,

You are correct. ADDT can be used to distribute via Active Directory, Workgroup or Network Addresses

You can learn more about that here:

Would you kindly elaborate on your statement: “I am looking for the same thing for remote install of remote network computers.”

We will search our pipeline if there is already a feature request for this.

Thank you.

Your looking for the batch enrolling via email with an install link. There is no service that will batch install to remote machines without an agent already being installed, at least one thats not a virus!