Network Activation - How long should it take?

I’ve been testing Dome Shield for a few days and added several networks to test. I have noticed the networks seems to activate over night. Is there some approval process? Is there a way to activate them instantly? If not, is there a way to create the policy on a pending network?

I ask as it does not prove efficient to setup the networks, create rules, add the dns to the client facility and then have to schedule to come back the following day to configure the policy. If there is a defined delay with activation, would you consider making the “pending” networks configurable?

Hi Michael,

For every network addition request that is made from a different IP address than you’re currently visiting Dome Shield interface, verification process is initiated. That is done for security reasons and our support team verifies that the requestor really owns that IP address or not. At this stage, it may require our support team to reach out to the requestor. On the other hand, If you try to add the IP address once you’re behind that external IP, system automatically approves it. Keep in mind that we are just about to introduce a new procedure so MSPs’ approval take place much faster than before.

note: All your networks are approved.

I have to disagree. The process for registering the network currently used while logged into condo one took the same amount of time as registering an external network. I look forward to seeing the new procedures.

While I agree with the security procedures for registration I also have to ask the point. If the person registering a network has access to the main DNS or the routers, they already have the keys to the castle. Now if it’s more for the mobile nodes or local system dns, then I understand the need for caution. But again, the only options are to add existing customers, with RMM agents most likely already installed.

Just my two cents.

thanks for the valuable feedback, well taken.

first the procedure then the system will have some updates to make it faster.

i will keep you posted.

There is an issue adding Roaming Devices to DOME from a network that is already registered with DOME.The network IP is showing as active in Dome Dashboard but when you attempt to Add a new Dome Agent that is behind the same IP…you get an error message “Certificate already exists” and provisioning process stops…yet it was the first agent that was attempted??

We have received your support ticket as well and we’ve just escalated that issue to be resolved.

We will update you with an e-mail soon once we resolve your specific issue.

I also see that when I add a network, while on location, it still is showing up as pending. How long may this take, as I would like to test while onsite.

@BOSS as per the note when you Add a Network “If you create a Location with an IP address different than the one that you’re currently connecting to Dome Shield, your network will be on “pending” state. Network needs to be approved after verification by Comodo Dome Shield support. If you want to do so please send a mail to

hi BOSS,

If you’re connecting Dome UI from an external IP address that you’re trying to add as a location , it will be added automatically with no approval process.

It appears, now, that all networks were approved. If a location falls into activation stage it wouldn’t take than a few hours.

I had one of each, neither was activating. They are now, so thanks.