New Auto Discovery and Dep Tool

Good day all,

I am trying to deploy some agents but don’t seem to have any success. I downloaded the tool, and the “patch_agent” ran without any errors and it tells me it was successful, but nothing shows on the dashboard. Is there a guide to run the tool any ideas or what I could be doing wrong.


Hello @rudym12

Please refer to the below link for detailed information about the Auto Discovery and Deployment Tool:

Also, if you are looking for steps to install the Patch Management agent, you can also refer to this link:

Please note that sometimes the PM agent requires between 15-30 minutes to show up in the console.
As a side note, if you plan to install .msi packages you might need to provide additional parameters for the install command.
This option has a similar behavior with “Install MSI Packages” from ITSM, meaning that the first part of the installation command is already present: msiexec /i packagename.msi /q.

For example if you want to install the Patch Management Agent, Specify parameters needs to contain only: AGENTUSERNAME=agent_****** PASSWORD=****** CUSTOMER=*****

After you review the above information, please advise with the outcome.