New Comodo Virtual Desktop

Hello everyone , today came out the new Windows Client - Security version and with it came Comodo Virtual Desktop wich i consider very usefull , but i found that browsers cant connect internet inside Virtual Desktop, my question here is if someone can tell how to make them work ( connect ) inside Virtual Desktop? . Thank you all !

Hello again i m grateful for your info about virtual desktop , but i think you didnt understand my question here , i know how to open virtual desktop , and open browsers inside it , the point here is that browsers open but i cant navigate in the internet , inside virtual desktop , because i have no internet connection inside virtual desktop , it must be for security reasons i think that this happens . what i realy wanted is to navigate normaly has i do outside virtual desktop i hoppe you undetrstand my question here thank you!

Hello again i have found that i only can navigate inside virtual desktop using ITSM Windows Security Level 1 Profile v.6.26 , if i use the other two profiles Level 2 or Level 3 i´m not able to navigate inside virtual desktop , with any browser this must be for security reasons since Levels 2 and 3 are more secure , what i would like its to know a way of using Profiles 2 and 3 still browse inside virtual desktop , if someone can help on this i would be very helpfull thank you!

@duarte236 ,

It is possible, in regards to the additional security which the higher profiles have. We will create a support ticket for your reported issue. Please check your forum registered an email for further correspondence.

Hello i would like to thank you for your support , this is now solved , thank you again!

@duarte236 ,

We thank you for providing us your feedback. We’re glad to know from your report that this issue had been resolved. :slight_smile:

This is an amazing feature, well done team!

Is the virtual desktop completely contained from the normal Windows installation?

Actions within the ‘virtual desktop’ will only affect items within said environment. An installation initiated from outside this environment will not influence what is inside it.

Hello everyone i would like to ask a question related with Comodo Virtual Desktop vs Comodo Secure Shoping, wich is this : when we have Comodo Secure Shoping open and running if someone tries to remote accses our pc there is a warnig in Comodo Secure Shoping stating that someone is remoting our pc , to prevent seeing what we are doing , does this also aplies to Comodo Virtual Desktop? thank you all good day!.

Hi @duarte236
That will depend on the remote access software used on the target endpoint and the security settings that you have set up in the associated profile. In short, whatever you allow or not allow on the endpoint.