New Customer Workflow

Greetings everyone. I’m wondering if anyone is willing to share their input/workflow on how/if you are using the SD and/or CRM functions as part of the platform.

I really like the workflow of SyncroMSP, whereas I can create a customer, add an asset or not, generate an estimate and/or invoice , etc.

I have been able to replicate some of this functionality however I am a little lost on if SD or CRM is the best option to achieve this, or if either are capable if achieving some sort of workflow.

I would love to have as many functions integrated as possible, but I understand that it may not be possible and if not I will use other tools to accomplish.

Thanks in advance.

I too would like to share info/input/best practites about itarian and msp issues but recently this forum seems to me little deserted with different questions left unanswered. It’s a pitty but I’d like to thank you again Comodo and its staff for this product that allows small msp like to me to keep on working without spending lots money and I understand that in this difficult moment companies have to focus their economic effort on the most remunerative activities.

I also feel the same way as you. The activities and questions here seem infrequent. the most recent articles are almost 2020 jigsaw puzzle