New Feature - IM/ Chat feature

Hi guys,

Is a chat/ instant messenger feature on the roadmap for Service Desk, that will allow us to code a web hook onto our company’s web site for people to chat with a service desk engineer?


Glen Scaglione

Hi @getsupport . Live chat in Service Desk and the new RMM is included on our road map. I can include your email address to the loop of clients who will receive updates about this request.
We will send you an email about this. Thank you.

Hi @Parker,

Any idea on when the feature is set to be released?


Glen Scaglione

Please keep me in the loop.

Hello @getsupport,

We have requested for an update from the Development team. We will let you know once we hear from them.

Hello @nct,

We have added you to the list of partners interested in this Feature Request. I will send an email momentarily.

Thank you.

I would like to be added to the notifications of this feature as well. Thanks!

Can you add me in the loop for this too please.

Hello @monster-it,

We have added you to the loop of email regarding the chat feature. For additional information, this feature is planned to be released on 2018Q4. Thank you

Loop me in as well please as SD is the heart and soul of C1 for us.


We have added you to the list of partners in this Feature Request.

please add me to the status update for the chat function . is there a ETA or planned roadmap for this feature ?


We have added you also to the list of partners in this Feature Request. The planned release of the feature is set in the 4th quarter of 2018.