"New infected Detected" email.. Email links broken..


When I receive an email regarding a detected infection, the embedded links don’t work:

Clicking the first link directs me to the list of all the devices under Devices-> Device List. So I can see ALL my devices. Not the affected device!!

Selecting the second link directs me to Security Subsystems-> Antivirus where I can see all the logs. But not the device.

In the URL’s from the mentioned links I see that a filter should be applied when opening the page.
But likely it doesn’t work.

So, these links still are not working. (also, like a lot of other functions…)

Earlier I also mentioned this in a similar post: Better/ detailed EM warnings. Untraceable warnings. (04-30-2020)

These emails are worthless now and you can’t do anything with them.

I asked if it could be improved with more details regarding the threat and if there could be direct action buttons or anything like that.
@zeynepyildirim posted on 09-25-2020 that it was already planned to deliver in midterm.
See post: https://forum.itarian.com/forum/products/endpoint-protection/40876-better-detailed-em-warnings-untraceable-warnings?p=47742#post47742

So my question is:
How long is midterm? We’re now in 2022!!
And when will there be some improvements?

A lot is still being promised but I haven’t seen any improvements regarding basic functions for over a long time.
I really can’t believe that these functions have been tested internally and approved because in real life it’s not working like it should be for admin users…

So please, take these positive criticism by heart to improve the platform. Now it’s still a lot of loose ends not working half like it should.

Fix it please and with more details and direct-action buttons…!!