New Issue with Sessions Gone

With the latest update the sessions are now gone. Now I transferred an open session back to the session que and now I can’t get it again because there is NO sessions tab to go to anymore. So I can’t get back into the machine.

I don’t think QA properly tested this latest release and IMO it should be rolled back to sessions and jobs.

Hello @doveroh

Thank you for bringing this to our attentions. I have escalated the case and we will get back to you as soon as we have any information.

Hello @doveroh ,

Regarding the issue you have presented in this forum post, we would like to inform you that the option to “Transfer back in Queue” has been removed from the latest build of the RMM Console.
That being said, we have eliminated the possibility of sessions getting stuck in the Queue.

If you still see this option as available, while in Session, that means you are not running the latest build of the RMM Console.
If that is the case, please reinstall the RMM Console: