New, legally binding agreement required to enter the portal

Did anyone else notice the legal agreement that had to be electronically signed to before entering the portal?

  • Agreement effective 05/2019 - so, legally your 30 days are up and they can charge you for usage.
  • Absolutely no mention of the "zero-whatever" credits if you subscribe to Comodo Endpoint protection?
Whatever you are presented in the forums are side-deals and you have no legal recourse guarantee.

*** If it ain’t in the contract, it ain’t legally binding ***

Comodo reserves the rights to change the deal anytime they want, and only need to post the change in the forum or RSS. Not required to notify you directly.
So next year you can probably expect the “zero-whatever” cost deal to be changed or revoked, because it has never been legally offered.

Legal agreements are crafted to spell out the terms and agreements of the offer, with the end result being reciprocal trust between the parties.

Read your agreement and tell me how much trust you have in the “zero-whatever” plan being around for any length of time.

To charge for the ccs AND the ep would be economic suicide as at that pricepoint there are better alterntives.

So although the company does seem at times to make reckless decisions, I doubt they would be that crazy as it would be the end for the platform.

The idea is to be “cost neutral”, so if you are selling AV and eventually other systems via the up and coming market place (eg O365); then the endpoint licenses will be “free” as you will get credits to this effect.

Like Robin said they have a game plan in mind though you might personally not like it. If the change/shake up is too much for you to handle I’d recommend finding other vendors you have trust in. AFAIK the Comodo One platform in itself does what I need it to do but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to some worries for the future. I’m giving them another month or so to see how their market place comes out. If I cannot add those additional billing features before they start to adjust/increase all of the other pricing (horse before the cart type of thing) then I will leave them behind. So far however they have been clear, in announcements at least, of their intent and direction going forward.

Luckily we have options with other competitors.
I am tried of dealing with this platform and poor support.

I have reached out to several email addresses with no response.
Couldnt even get on the forum, the reset password never worked and contacting admin never worked either.
I have pretty much given up on the company. Shouldnt that difficult to get response. Support has been HORRIBLE several times.
I dont even try to use support anymore.

Frankly, the deception that it was FREE and but now they want to be paid does not sit well.
We have spent thousand of dollars with them but no more. I am not buying the most expensive antivirus on the market again.
Scripts breaks when they update, etc.

Also banning forum members who are vocal against the decisions they made does not sit well either.
The ONE platform does not have that great reputation in the market and I see why. I know they are working on it but I am not willing to pay to be a beta tester.
yes, I feel we are beta testers way too often. One step forward, two steps back seems to be too frequent here.

I can’t for the life of me understand why the implemented this the way they did.

Hopefully for their case it works for them.

Hi @smartcloud

Sorry to hear the experience has been bad for you, and I’m sure we can help correct the problems for you.

Price of the AV should been extremely competitive if not cheaper than most, if your paying a huge amount like it sounds come and speak to us as we will provide you a much better deal.

On the support front, client’s of ours can raise issues with us and we can get these escalated with Comodo and ITarian to get a resolution.

Send us an email to and we shall get you sorted.

Hey Robin, thank you for consistently being there for support. Just a quick question, how would you describe your relationship with Comodo regarding C1/CDragon/Itrarian products? Are you a reseller, 3rd party MSP proxy for Comodo or? I am trying to understand if you are an employee of Comodo or an authorized agent working on their behalf?

Hi @budda

The official and truthful answer is as follows: -

I am the owner of “Strobe Technologies Ltd” based in the UK, and this is an MSP based business.
Due to having a great working relationship with Comodo over the years but finding no one really could not supply their products correctly or get support for the products we decided to challenge this and speak direct to @melih and the guys. Now we are an MSP with a secondary line of business which is Distribution for Comodo / ITarian, and this has helped a lot of people across the UK, US and Europe so far; and I’m hoping we can continue our good service to help more!